We are super stoked to introduce you to our FW19 backpacks. In case you don’t know us we are

Bolsas del Futuro. We are a project of Casa Tamarindo that explores how we can use “the bag” as a platform to create a more sustainable world. We see each one of our bags as art pieces that question what vernacular craftsmanship is in the 21st century.

All our bags are intentionally made on both sides of the most crossed border in the world (Tijuana and

San Diego in case you didn’t know :) We collaborate with local artisans to develop a regional style that is uniquely our own.

Our FW19 bags are made with the following waste materials:

- Discarded flour sacs from our local bakeries.

- Old seatbelts from cars at our junkyards.

- Dead-stock upholstery fabrics from two brothers that make couches.


We work with a local factory that has a long history of making heavy-duty bags for the outdoors.

All our bags are high-quality, limited-edition, and they even contain a laptop sleeve!


Thank you for supporting 21st century craftsmanship,


<3 Bolsas del Futuro 



All our upcycled backpacks are unique. We can't promise that it will look that same as the one in the picture. We only work with what's available. Once we run out of a specific design or fabric, that's it.  

Unless broken, ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

Bolsas del Futuro is project of Casa Tamarindo.